Xyze – A Great Idea That Changed Online Shopping for Better

Online shopping is convenient, and many people opt to go down this route owing to this benefit. However, many are the times when you make orders for clothes, and when the delivery comes, you realize that you got the wrong size. It gets quite frustrating once you start going through the motions of returns and it would be much easier if you had gotten the measurement right from the beginning. The need for accuracy has led to many apps coming onto the market, and one that has proven to be effective is XYZE.

What is XYZE?

  • This technology is available in three parts, all of which aim at helping users find their measurements and thus select outfits that can fit.


The first part involves the use of their wearable device going by the name ON. ON is a smart measuring tape which can take in the user’s measurements. Through the use of their technology RESIZE, this company has been able to detect measurements automatically. This technology is patented, thus ensuring that other companies cannot come in and steal their techniques. Users wrap a chest strap onto their person, and the device does the rest of the work.

How does it work?

Its working is quite similar to what you would go through were you to go to a tailor. You start by measuring your head, neck all the way to your hips and these measurements get fed to the app through a Bluetooth connection. This data remains on your profile in what gets termed as an ID. If you are unsure of how to take the measurements, there is a tutorial on the same, featuring seven steps.


The second part involves an app. There are many times where you end up being one size for a particular brand only to find that another brand uses different sizes. This variation is what makes online shopping a hassle as you are never sure whether the sizes match and the only way to find out is by physically visiting the shop. With this app, you can comfortably wait as your measurements get calibrated for each brand such that you know what would fit and what you should not buy.

How does it work?

You can think of the app as a search engine which works at finding clothes that can fit you. Say for example you want to buy clothes from Brand A; the app will show you what size will fit. In this way, you can avoid shopping using guesswork, and you can thus avoid returns and losses in the process.


There is the third part which is a widget. It comes in handy as you place orders online by recognizing your size and helping you know whether you are making the rational choice regarding your outfit choice.

The founders of this app, Andrea Mazzon, and Paolo Spiga, managed to combine technology and fashion to make online shopping easy. In this way, users can check their orders out with confidence that they have made the right decision.